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Citizen Science

Citizens have a major role to play in  addressing the challenges to a sustainable future. It is by 'doing science together' that we combine our resources and expertise to raise awareness, build capacity, and innovative lasting solutions grounded in society.[ from Doing it together Science]

MAKASH has engaged in realizing this agenda. It joined the Working Group for developing synergies with education of the COST Action CA15212: Citizen Science to promote creativity, scientific literacy, and innovation throughout Europe.

In Citizen Science, a broad network of people collaborate. Participants provide experimental data and facilities for researchers, raise new questions and co-create a new scientific culture. While they add value, volunteers acquire new learning and skills and gain a deeper understanding of the scientific work in appealing ways. Because of this open, networked and transdisciplinary scenario, science-society-policy interactions are improved; leading in turn to a more democratic research based on evidence and informed decision-making. [Socientize - White paper on Citizen Science for Europe]

Resources and additional information will be soon available here.

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