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ETB European Treasury Browser

 European Treasury Browser





The ETB European Treasury Browser (http://etb.eun.org ) project was led by the consortium of Europeana Ministries of Education for ICT, the EUN, European Schoolnet. It was the first in a series of projects led by the EUN that sought to facilitate access to online learning resources developed by Ministries of Education, local and regional authorities, teachers and other developers.

The project developed a system for cataloging educational resources and was a first move in standardizing the metadata in this area. In addition to the standardized metadata schema, it developed a Thesaurus (controlled vocabulary) of concepts for the description and cataloging of educational resources. The ETB Thesaurus was translated to several languages including Hebrew and is widely deployed today. 

Continuation to the ETB project is carried out by the LRE - Learning Resource eXchange for Schools. The educational cloud of the Israel Ministry of Education uploads to the exchange the description of its educational resources and interlinks to the resources available in the LRE. 

The full Thesaurus include the following micro-thesauri: individual development; learning/research; school activities; leisure activities; teaching/training/evaluation/guidance; educational system; content of education (including 9 curricular/extracurricular sub-groups); facilities/ equipment/ materials; communication/information/ document; culture; political/social/interpersonal relations; health/ safety/ handicap; environment; society; international organisations; countries and geopolitical areas; languages.

Alphabetical presentation:pdf filertf file

Systematic presentation:pdf filertf file




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