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Judaica Europeana


Judaica Europeana is a network of archives, libraries and museums working together to integrate access to the most important collections of European Jewish heritage and make them discoverable to more people. 

Inspired by the vision of EUROPEANA―the digital platform and interface for Europe’s archives, libraries and museums, it links the collections of its partners to this central repository of digital heritage, which currently holds more than 54 million records. To date, Judaica Europeana has integrated collections from 22 institutions in Europe, Israel and the US including: books, early prints and manuscripts; archival documents; newspapers and periodicals; photographs and postcards; music recordings

The initial project ran in 2010-2011 when it aggregated and enriched more than 3 million records of Jewish content. The partners then established a consortium to continue this activity.

MAKASH is a partner in the Judaica Europeana network that continued its activities through additional projects. It has been involved in the DM2E Digital Manuscripts to Europeana and in Athena Plus, a best practice network, which has developed tools for digital exhibitions and tourism. The projects Athena and Linked Heritage have also aggregated Jewish content to Europeana.

Judaica Europeana joined forces with a recent initiative concerned with Jewish digital content – the Jewish Heritage Network. Since 2017 these initiatives collaborate to establish a new infrastructure for aggregation and enrichment of Jewish digital content.

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