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SKOS Resources

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ATHENA is one of the projects building EUROPEANA, the European Digital Library to be inaugurated in mid 2010 [ http://group.europeana.eu ]

The content partners in the ATHENA project in Israel are the Israel National Library, the Israel State Archive and the Israel Museum Jerusalem. MAKASH is the official Israel partner ATHENA.

SKOS is a W3C recommendation for expressing controlled vocabularies in RDF. It enable correspondences to be established between concepts from different schemas. SKOS represented vocabularies establish hubs of knowledge in the rapidly evolving Semantic Web of Linked Open Data. Vocabularies related to Israel and the Jewish People should be represented in SKOS enabling the expression, description and access to knowledge of such particular interest.

The Israel Internet Society through its W3C Office expressed interest in the proposal presented by MAKASH to disseminate the use of SKOS in Israel. A first step in this potential collaboration is the workshop with Regine Stein, Head of Information Technology at the German Documentation Center for Art History.


Announcements related to the SKOS Workshop, January 11, 2010

Background for the workshop


Pre-SKOS Resources

Thesaurus and Controlled Vocabularies


URI – Uniform Resource Identifiers



Basic XML



Basic RDF


SKOS – Simple Knowledge Organization System


SKOS Tools

Some SKOS Applications

W3C SKOS Implementation Report, May 19th 2009 

SKOS Based Web Services from Hypermedia Research Unit, University of Glamorgan

Presentations at the ATHENA WP4 SKOS Workshop (Roma, Italy, June 2009)

Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus Skosified

By Axel Vitzthum, Museen Schleswig-Holstein (Athena WP4, Rome, June 2009)

A method to convert Thesauri to SKOS – VU University, Amsterdam 

Include three examples: 

מקש לקידום יישומי תקשורת מחשבים בחינוך תרבות ומדע