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Hermon Greif, founder. Was member of Kibbutz Gevim and director of the Computer Unit of the Shaar HaNegev Educational Campus.



Rimon Levy, founder. Was member of Kibbutz Bror Chail; teacher at the Beit Hinuch Shaar HaNegev; presently CIO of the P.Sapir Academic College of the Negev; was Chairman of the Israel Internet Society. 


Dov Winer, founder. Present CEO.


Limor Riskin coordinator of the inGenious project; coordinator of the pilot program of the project ITEC, Designing the Future Classroom; Israel Ambassador for Scientix; coordinator of MAKASH teacher training programs. 


Yoav Peck, organizational psychologist. Took part in the implementation teams of the projects: ITEC, Designing the Future Classroom; inGenious; and Scientix. 


Silvana Abush-Winer, psychologist. Coordinated the project ITEC, Designing the future classroom.


Shira Nahaloni-Gliksberg directed the campaigns Netdays; eSchola; Europrix Top Talents Awards; the CELEBRATE project on Learning Objects. 


Andre Celeste, director of Anat-Keshev the corporation that operated the infrastructure for the MAKASH network for collaborative learning. 


Yara Shulman managed Netdays Europe Israel; produced the MAKASH magazines including the detailed Handbook for Educational Computer Mediated Communication Projects.


Neomika Zion coordinated the development of the MAKASH network of schools for collaborative learning. Member of Kibbutz Migvan in Shderot. Coordinator of the Yakov Hazan Center for Social Justice and Democracy at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. 


Sara Sharir coordinated the MAKASH network of schools for collaborative learning.



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