CELEBRATE outlined a pedagogy for the design and use of collaborative and interoperable Learning Objects in integrated learning environments.

It was one of the largest projects led by the EUN,  European Schoolnet with the participation of 23 partners and among them MAKASH. See the archived site of the project here.

MAKASH had a pioneer role introducing in Israel the concept and the practices of Learning Objects through this project.

CELEBRATE developed an ICT pedagogy anchored in the vision of the expected changes of the concept of “content” as well as the way it will be produced and accessed in an ICT environment.

It was a very original project in its integration of the application of a learning objects approach and pedagogy. It advanced the use of learning objects in establishing a continuum in the curriculum while adapting to the teacher’s needs.

The project tested the way that flexible systems for the production and distribution of contents influence the learning process. It sought to check whether such systems are able to support constructivist-learning models.

It strived to check the extent by which learning objects encourage the development of essential skills required in the digital age: collaborative work, creativity, interdisciplinarity, adaptation, inter-cultural communication and problem solving.