iTEC – Designing the future classroom

iTEC Designing the Future Classroom

iTEC Designing the Future Classroom

iTEC (Innovative Technologies for Engaging Classrooms) took place in the years 2012-2014 and continue today through the network of Future Classrooms Labs. 90 classroom and tens of teachers from Israel actively participated in this project.

MAKASH developed and implemented a model of organizational development for schools interested in deepening the the iTEC approach for a comprehensive implementation of innovative pedagogies and technologies.

MAKASH and the Administration for Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education were partners in the activities led by the consortium of European Ministries of Education for ICT (EUN – European Schoolnet). 

iTEC resources were localized and adapted to the Israel educational environment and​​ are available here

iTEC carried out four cycles of experimentation in which 90 classrooms from Israel took part. MAKASH ran several workshops and courses for the participating teachers. The teachers got close guidance and access to the advanced pedagogies and technologies that were developed. They shared their experiences with more than 2,500 classrooms in 20 European countries in a project with 26 partners including 14 Ministries of Education.

iTEC Resources