Michael Culture

Michael Culture / Minerva

MAKASH is a partner in the Michael Culture Association established under the leadership of the Ministries of
Culture of Italy and of France.

Michael Culture is a network that includes more than
100 public and private institutions from all over Europe.
Its purpose is the valorization and promotion of digital
cultural content. It carries out the following activities:

  • Management of the network, development of new projects,
    creation of synergies with other networks
  • Think-tank for digital cultural heritage field: Strategic watch
    and prospective, organisation of workshops and working
  • Dissemination of the European projects of the Minerva
    network as a resource centre, promotion of best practices, communication, publications, and guidelines.
  • Services platform with innovative services for the general
    public, new services for research.

The association is related to other European networks
like Europeana in their joint endeavor to support
European and national policies in the area of culture.
It seeks to promote the professional development of
those that work in digital cultural heritage through
the MINERVA network.

Following the MINERVA project, in Israel was established
the MinervaIsrael network that gathers annually
outstanding professionals from Europe and Israel at the Eva/Minerva Jerusalem International Conference on
Advanced Technologies for Culture.

Michael Culture