Mosaica Deliverables

D1.1 Selection of Web-based resources in Jewish Heritage
Editor Dov Winer, May 31, 2007


D1.2 Methodology for Access to Distributed Web-based Resources
Editor Daniel Vladušic, June 30, 2008


D2.1 Conceptual Alignment of Multiple, Distributed Content Sources
Editor Nahum Korda, April 28, 2007


D2.2 Semantic Annotation
Editor ORT, June 15, 2008


D3.1 MOSAICA Distributed Content Management System – Reference Architecture
Editor: Asdrúbal Costa and Sérgio Marques, April 16, 2007


D3.2 MOSAICA Distributed Content Management System – Services and Protocols
Editor: Maria Teresa Andrade, November 27, 2008


D4.1 Virtual Expedition Methodology
Editor Technion, March 23, 2008


D4.2 Virtual Expedition Framework and Tools
Editor Xlab, June 30, 2008

Virtual Expeditions User Manual
Editor Olivier Tassetti, November 8, 2008


D5.1 MOSAICA System & Application Specification
Editor Daniel Vladušic May 5, 2007


D5.2 MOSAICA Application
Editor Idea, November 29, 2008


D5.3 MOSAICA User Manual and Online Documentation
Editor Idea, December 10, 2008


D6.1 Validation and evaluation plan
Editor TECH, SHU, July 2, 2008


D6.2 MOSAICA Validation report
Editor ORT, December 11, 2008


D6.3 MOSAICA Evaluation Report
Editor TECH, December 11, 2008


D6.3b MOSAICA Multi-cultural evaluation
Editor SHU, December 10, 2008