New European Media

NEM Newi European Media

MAKASH is a partner in the New European Media (NEM) initiative. It is participating in the collective writing of its position paper on Digital Storytelling  edited under the leadership of Prof. Andrew Perkis from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

NEM deals with the industries that lead the future of the digital experience – Connected, Converging and Interactive Media and Creative Industries.

The NEM constituency includes all major European organisations working in the networked and electronic media area, including content providers, creative industries, broadcasters, network equipment manufacturers, network operators and service providers, academia, standardisation bodies and government institutions.

NEM focuses on an innovative mix of various media and creative content forms, delivered seamlessly over technologically transparent networks, to improve the quality, enjoyment and value of life. NEM represents the convergence of existing and new technologies, including broadband, mobile and new media, including creativity, across all sectors, to create a new and exciting era of advanced personalised services. A key focus of NEM is on innovative services and applications that constitute different media forms and creative content.

Image taken from a presentation by Andrew Perkis, 2016