Scholarly Communities

COST Open Scholarly Communities in the Web

The main objective of this project was to create a virtual infrastructure that enables a de-localized community of scholars in humanities to engage in collaborative research and to publish their results on the Web.

The initiative sought to develop an online learning system that would bridge between research and education. The ambition was that education go beyond transfer of information and focus on the development of skills for critical thought and independent scientific activities among research students and young scholars. MAKASH was invited to join the action in the context of this specific task.

Cooperation took place through three Working Groups (WGs): WG 1: Communities, WG 2: Software, WG 3: Policy. More information can be obtained in the site of the action:

MAKASH was very active in the network that evolved through this Action. One of the consequences was its leading role in the preparation of a proposal, with the SNS Pisa, of the proposal entered in 2015 in a call of the European Commission, “Ink to Cloud”. Despite the good evaluation it received the grant was not awarded.